HP delivers breakthrough innovation to secure the ‘Office of the Future’

Company introduces world’s most secure and manageable PCs

It’s no secret that the frequency – and fallout – of cyberattacks has been on the rise in recent years. A growing number of those attacks are targeting endpoint devices, such as network-connected printers and PCs, with the percentage of breached notebooks and desktops doubling in the last six years. And in our conversations with customers, security is a growing concern among executives that cannot be ignored.

Amstelveen, 14 december 2016 - Within this context, HP has broadened its offerings around security in areas where vulnerabilities can often be overlooked. Earlier this month, for example, the company announced new security offerings to protect enterprise networks from infiltration, via printer ports.

On the commercial PC side, we are unveiling a comprehensive set of security solutions in its lineup of Elite PCs that’s focused on protecting not only the device, but the user’s identity and data – making them the world’s most secure and manageable PCs in the world.

HP Sure Start security innovation to date protects the PC at its deepest level – the BIOS, or Basic Input/Output System. As the computer firmware that runs the initial startup code before the operating system software boots up and resides below the OS, the BIOS code is an attractive target for malware especially in advanced persistent attacks. In fact, the BIOS has been used in the past to penetrate networks or seize sensitive files.

HP Sure Start Gen3 now expands its coverage into the System Management Mode (SMM) layer – the highest privilege at runtime. Available on the upcoming HP EliteBook 800 G4 series, HP Sure Start Gen3 will help prevent such attacks by automatically detecting tampering attempts with the BIOS (both in pre-boot and run-time), notifying the user of a problem and restoring the BIOS to its original pristine condition from a copy stored on a dedicated computer chip. In that sense, it’s self-healing.

In addition, Sure Start Gen3 also protects the data governing BIOS configuration and policy. If the BIOS is tampered with, Sure Start Gen3 will not only restore it, but also recover any custom setting and policies handed down by IT. In this way, Sure Start Gen3 makes Windows 10 even more secure for the enterprise.

A United Front on Security

Understanding that today’s cyber criminals attack systems on several fronts, HP is also developing other security features that not only protect the PC but also the user’s identity, as well as the data on the device.

It’s become clear that passwords alone are no longer enough to deter hackers, which is why multiple authentication tools – such as biometrics, PINs or smartcards – have gained in popularity in recent years. Our solution was the development of a technology known as HP Multi-Factor Authenticate, which integrates Intel® Authenticate technology into HP’s Elite PCs with 7th Gen Intel® Core® Processors. HP and Intel’s partnership is elevating security to the next level.

The technology enables hardened, multiple-factor authentication and policies, which exponentially increases the difficulty of hacking because it takes advantage of a combination of credentials. In fact, it makes your log-in a million times more secure, which is important because hacked passwords continue to be a major risk for companies.

In addition, mobile workers – who can sometimes leave themselves vulnerable by unwanted “shoulder surfing” in a public location – will be able to protect themselves with HP Sure View, the world’s only integrated privacy screen.

Available in the current EliteBook 840 G3, EliteBook 1040 G3 and upcoming EliteBook 840 G4, the Sure View technology reduces 95 percent of visible light when the screen is viewed from an angle, so only the person working in front of the screen can view the display.

Finally, we are also building security innovation into next-generation desktop monitors.

Until now, webcam security (and fears about unwanted spying) have been remedied by an extremely low-tech fix: A bit of masking tape or a sticky note over the lens. The stunningly designed HP EliteDisplay S340c Curved Monitor is the world’s first display to include a built-in privacy camera that can pop up or flip down into the bezel, allowing it to be hidden when not in use. The webcam also includes integrated facial recognition technology for biometric authentication, via Windows Hello, that allows users to log into Windows 10 computer without passwords.

Manageability Matters

Of course, security that’s not manageable isn’t truly secure. To allow IT managers the tools they need to enforce security policies, we developed the HP Manageability Integration Kit, the world's first management toolkit certified for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.

Until now, this was mostly a manual process for IT managers. But, with the user-friendly plug-in, IT managers can now remotely manage a fleet of HP PCs for security, BIOS administration and software, creating more piece of mind for the IT team and more frustration for would-be hackers. Additionally, the toolkit can prevent your users or malware from turning off security protection.

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